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About Us

VenetianMade is the marketplace that unites the excellence of Veneto craftsmanship, offering a virtual showcase where users can explore the creations of artisans, learn about the creative process, purchase the artifacts on display directly, and share their reviews of the products and services offered. The goal is to highlight the extraordinary skills of artisans, conveying the value of their products.

What We Do?


Venetiamade is a project developed by the Regional Innovative Network EUTEKNOS

These glass excellences combine their experience and professionalism to offer you unique creations, which can significantly embellish every corner of your home.

The use of precious metals adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to a wide range of objects, including, for example, furniture and home accessories.

The selected companies put their experience and professionalism at your disposal to best interpret your needs, guiding you towards the best stylistic and functional choice of each product.


Technical skills, network
and smart foundation

VenetianMade’s mission is to highlight the extraordinary skills of Venetian artisans, promoting a culture of quality that permeates every detail of their work.

Our artisans

Tomanin Artistic Glassworks
Lorenzo Borsarini
Pistore Marmi
Zanetto 1963